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[Yaesu] Decoding CAT Bytes

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Subject: [Yaesu] Decoding CAT Bytes
From: jswenson@nmmagic.com (Jim Swenson)
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 16:47:58 -0700
Well I knew this project was going to be fun (read
challenging/frustrating). This is the conversion of the Basic Stamp 2
Remote Base Controller (May, QST) from an ICOM to the Yaesu family of
transceivers. I have the units now conversing happily with one another.
I can set frequencies and select channels. My challenge has been in
decoding the bytes returned from the transceiver to read frequencies &
status of the VFO.  I have the limited documentation that accompanies
the FT-840 but alot is left out or assumed.

Before I get into specifics, does anyone have experience doing byte/bit
level decoding of the Yaesu CAT streams?  Does anyone know of
applications with source code available (any computer language) which
read and parse the Yaesu frequency information?  I am primarily
interested in decoding and translating the 19-byte status update

Final code for this project will be shared with all.

Thanks for ideas.

Jim W7NJ

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