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[Yaesu] HF recommendation

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Subject: [Yaesu] HF recommendation
From: n0gmp@juno.com (David R Jeffries)
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 13:37:30 EDT
Correct     and   Incorrect

Correct -  the FCC (of the US) has only approved this set for service in
Amateur band (by US stations).

The incorrect portion is that it is illegal to use it in several other

There are many "services' (of the US) not regulated by the FCC.

Indeed all  "federal"  stations,  military and civilian, (even the FCC's)
are authorized by another agency,  the NTIA.     In these services, as I
understand it, each individual radio is either compliant or non-compliant
with the NTIA standards.    Many new amateur HF sets are, as I understand
it,  NTIA compliant when properly operated.
The key is "properly operated".

Another small point here  -  he did say a backup radio.    By this I'd
assume that he had a "legal" HF maritime set and just needs this for the
actual safety of life and his vessel in the case of failure of his
primary (legal) set  while afloat out of VHF range.

As a fellow sailor I believe I'd agree with his desire to be able to use
his amateur radio as a critical backup -vs- not having one and thereby
risking his vessel and possibly the lives of his crew.     I've noted,
BTW,  that there are a great many TS-410s, 430s and 440s in sailboats.   
FT gear and IC gear also.     I believe that a great many of these would
be used to save the lives of the master and crew in the event of failure
of the type accepted equipment and probable loss of the vessel.

Dave Jeffries
Box Elder, South Dakota

On Sat, 22 Aug 1998 10:10:12 -0400 "Dick Merryman" <dicko@wormhole.com>
>One problem with employing the out-of-band transmit capabilities of 
>the MP
>is that the MP is only approved by the FCC for use in the Amateur 
>and it is illegal to use it in another service such as Marine HF.
>                -Dick-

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