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[Yaesu] FT 50 extended transmit - difficulities - HELP!

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT 50 extended transmit - difficulities - HELP!
From: hamish.barker@brwpl.com.au (Barker, Hamish)
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 16:37:37 +1000
I bought an FT-50 unit in Japan
recently, and I opened the case to perform the extended
transmit modification (in order to use the radio on the 
Australian UHF frequencies). 

Down here we generally
use the Australian UHF citizen band (470 MHz) frequencies
for communications whilst airborne.  In europe, paraglider 
pilots generally use the 144MHz band, so I wanted a radio
to do both jobs, thus the desire to extend transmit range to 477MHz.  

To cut a long story short, none of the 3 solder
jumpers on the PCB were shorted on the new unit, and the 
resistor which the modifications pages say to remove, is 
also not there. There is, however, a green wire running
from a group of two surface-mount components at top-center
of the PCB, down to another pair at lower-center-left 
of the PCB. this wire doesn't seem to appear on any photos
which I have seen on various web sites which show how
to do the mod.  

I have not yet tried to use the AMDS software to make
any changes, but I do have access to same via a friend.

Does anybody know of any workaround in order to get this unit
to be capable of extended transmit?  Thanking you 
very much in advance for reading this and any help,
Hamish Barker.

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