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[Yaesu] Comments on new 1000MP

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Subject: [Yaesu] Comments on new 1000MP
From: k8js@juno.com (John P Skubick)
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 20:39:43 -0400
I too had a FT-980 before the 'MP.
Since the early 70's all of my HF rigs have been Yaesu;
the FT- 101, 101E, 107M, 980, all were reliable and trouble-free.
ALL of them!
I agree about the rear panel placement of that side tone button.
Perhaps there simply is no more available space left on the MP's front
This is a great rig alright. It's built-in switching-type power supply
does not seem to have any noticeable "birdies" & other extraneous RF junk
on any
of the HF Ham bands.
It's receiving section is very resistant to overload.
The MP's noise blanker really works!
Mine has all of the filters installed. 
A very nice and flexible rig indeed.
For me, this rig meets all of my expectations for a modern HF

73.  --John, K8JS

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998 20:08:23 -0500 Mark Shaum <k9tr@MCI2000.com> writes:
>As owner of a week-old FT-1000MP, I must say I'm quite impressed with 
>technology.  Bear in mind that until now, my newest rig is an early 
>(still going strong, BTW, which helped influence my purchase!)
>One gripe, though.  With all the bells, whistles, and menu-controlled
>functions, why the heck did Yaesu elect to place the sidetone volume 
>as a
>hidden screwdriver adjustment on the rear panel??  There are times 
>when I
>like to vary the volume, as when I'm pounding away on the low end of 
>listening through the speaker and the family is trying to listen to TV 
>the next room..
>So far, that's the only gripe (mebbe the cost is a debatable point, 
>but what
>the heck, tower #2 didn't go up this year).  I'm anxiously awaiting a 
>set of
>Inrad filters for the 455 i.f..
>CU in the pileups
>Mark Shaum  K9TR
>email: k9tr@mci2000.com
>Central Illinois Grid EN50
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