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[Yaesu] Need assistance wifh new 1000MP PLL lock/Keying problem (HELP!)

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Subject: [Yaesu] Need assistance wifh new 1000MP PLL lock/Keying problem (HELP!)
From: k9tr@MCI2000.com (Mark Shaum)
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 22:27:34 -0500
My six-week old FT-1000MP has developed a problem during CW keying where the
output signal takes from 40-200 ms to 'sync' to the operating frequency upon
keying. The problem gets worse as frequency goes up, with 10m being the
worst.  The RF waveform, viewed on a 'scope, looks normal, with the usual
rise/fall times, but the first couple of 'dits' of CW aren't there (actually
partially there, but about 40db down).  Careful tuning around with an
external receiver shows the RF starting in a chirpy spread-spectrum fashion
about a khz above the desired frequency, then 'snapping' into place, after
which it sounds normal until a pause over about 2 seconds in sending occurs,
when the symptom repeats.

This is independent of power output, vox/mox/ptt mode, CW normal or reverse,
tuner on/off, SWR, or any other variable I could think of. Tried a hard CPU
reset, eliminated external RF fields, ground loops, etc.  (Haven't tried
temperature extremes, tho..).  Receiving is normal, this only occurs on CW
keying.  It may also happen on SSB, but if the first 100 ms of a voice
transmission is shifted, it probably won't be noticed.

I do have decent test gear and the service manual.  Looking at PLL alignment
info, I don't find anything that seems to directly tie into the
keying/carrier offset frequencies, which the means of derivation aren't
really described anyway.  VCO control voltages for the two main loops appear
correct per "da book" as major band changes are made.  Tomorrow, I'll look
for any loose circuit board screws or other easily found grounding problems.
Does anybody have any clues as to how I might resolve this via adjustments
or other non-warranty violating procedures?

I'll be calling HRO for possilbe warranty repairs.  Now, if I'm radioless
for the CW SS, I'm going to be reallly grumpy for a long time.  Bad for
family relations.  Is there a warranty repair facility that has a possible
fast turn-around, like by November 6? (I know, dream on..).  I suppose I
could pretend it's 1960, use the 75A4/100V combo and zero-beat myself to
death with a foot switch for spotting!  Gaak!

73 All, and GL in the CQWW! - Mark

Mark Shaum  K9TR
email: k9tr@cwix.com
Central Illinois Grid EN50

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