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[Yaesu] Definitive answer from Yaesu on PL board for FT-290R/FT-690R

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Subject: [Yaesu] Definitive answer from Yaesu on PL board for FT-290R/FT-690R
From: caity@newtoninst.com (Caitlyn Máire Martin)
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 17:24:26 -0500
Hi, everyone,

I appreciate all the replies I received when I posted about the correct
Yaesu PL board for my FT-290R (original).  Again, this refers only to the
*original* FT-290R and FT-690R, not the current Mark II units.

Here is what Yaesu parts said:

> Hello Cait, The FTS-7 and MMB-11 (FT-290R mounting bracket) have been
> discontinued and are no longer available.  You  can use a
> FTS-7A ($44.00 plus shipping and handling $4.00 minimum and we will be
> happy to supply the correct connector) in the early FT-290's 
> however the mating connector must be changed. 

I hope this helps everyone who asked me to share the resolution.  It does
involve modifying the connector, so I don't know that this is any better
than sticking a CommSpec board in.  Is it worth the extra $4 to simply have
a newer Yaesu connector?  Hmmm...  Methinks not.

Anyway, if anyone on the reflectors has an original FTS-7 or an MMB-11 they
would care to part with, or know of a dealer with leftover stock, I'd love
to hear about it.


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