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[Yaesu] FT1000MP Odd Behavior

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT1000MP Odd Behavior
From: rlc@idt.net (Robert L. Carroll)
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 19:42:49 -0500
I have recently started to operate RTTY for the first time with an 
FT1000MP.  I have noticed a quirk with the rig which is repeatable 
and whihc I had not noticed before using RTTY.  If I am in RTTY 
mode, have the EDSP engaged and in the narrow bandpass mode I 
will sometimes  change frequency down to the cw segment, and 
then change the mode to cw to listen to a cw spot from the DX 
cluster.  When I hit the cw mode button under these conditions 
there is a nasty ripping sound from my speaker which quits after a 
couple of seconds and there is no audio out.  If I disengage the 
EDSP the set works fine, but if I reengage the DSP there is no 
audio out.

Upon tuning the power off and restarting everything is fine.

If I repeat the above sequence and have the EDSP button engaged 
but only noise reduction on and no bandpass filtering the EDSP 
does not misbehave.

I can work around this problem if I remember to turn off the DSP 
before moving/changing and I don't want to ship the unit back until I 
have to, but I am curious whether this is a known problem or just 
peculiar to my rig.  I don't recall seeing it discussed on this 

Robert L. Carroll W2WG X-AA2UV

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