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[Yaesu] DSP-59Y with FT-1000D performance question

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Subject: [Yaesu] DSP-59Y with FT-1000D performance question
From: k9dmv@hotmail.com (JOSEPH SZCZUBELEK)
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 08:26:37 PDT
I have had the DSP-59Y with my Yaesu FT-1000D for the past 4 months. When I 
operate in the CW mode and set the DSP filter to 600 hz (widest selection) I 
can hear what sounds like to me like a wind noise coming from the Yaesu 
speaker. As I narrow the filter to around 200 hz the noise almost disapears. 
I called Great River Electronics and they said that this was normal and the 
noise I am hearing is generated by DSP processing. I have been testing with 
10 meter beacons and the DSP-59Y seems to really help bring out weak CW 
signals. Does anyone else observe this operating characteristic ?????

Does anyone ever use the APF (audio peak filter) with the DSP-59Y ??
If so, under what conditions ?????

If I turn the audio gain from the FT-1000D all the way down  (no audio) and 
turn the gain of the DSP-59Y up I start to hear some hum or noise at around 
the 11 o'clock position. As I increase the gain of the DSP-59Y the noise 
gets louder all the while keeping the gain of the FT-1000D all the way down. 
This was done to see what noise is being generated by the DSP-59Y at full 
gain from the DSP with no input. Again according to Great River Electronics 
this is normal. The receiver or band noise would be louder and mask this DSP 
generated noise. Just wondering if anyone else has observed this ?????

I have read both QST reviews for the DSP-599zx and DSP-59Y and nothing was 
mentioned for this situation.

This is my first first DSP unit and I am not familiar with
the quirks that would be considered normal. All comments would be 


Joseph Szczubelek  - K9DMV        k9dmv@hotmail.com

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