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Why does this stuff get sent to us via this mailing list? It doesn't happen
on the other 3 lists I'm on.

73 de Alek. VK6APK.

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>Subject: [Yaesu] Tired of being tired?
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>Hello! My name is Joanne Harbert and I am the owner of Family Tree
>Health and Nutrition. I am e-mailing you to let you know of the
>services I provide.   In todays world of fast food and fast pace we
>sometimes find ourselves neglecting the most important thing to us,
>our body. I know what your thinking I have seen ads and commercials
>everywhere for nutritional supplements for this and that, anything
>you can imagine really. My excitement stems from a company called
>akahi.com. I became involved with this company in 1998.  I myself
>being in the medical profession was told in school there was no need
>for supplements you get all you need through the food you eat. I bet
>my instructors have changed their minds know.  Food is not processed
>the way it used to be.  Our food has tended to lose all the good
>stuff your body needs. Leaving us feeling tired or with a multitude
>of other symptoms the doctors don't know how to treat.
>It's time we got back to the basics with nutrition. Myself personally
>after starting a program of supplements have experienced more energy,
>better skin, nails, and hair. I also  have been losing weight. It was
>hard to believe that was all it took.  Let me take a moment of your
>time and describe the products offered and the pricing. -Our
>nutritional products are cold processed where applicable. Cold
>processing is a technique that blends the various nutritional
>ingredients together without the use of heat. This processing allows
>us to preserve all of the
>enzymes that are necessary for food and nutritional assimilation.
>-Our products are organic, which simply means that the various
>nutritional supplements are created in an enviroment free of
>pesticides and pollutants. The products can be broken down into 5
>groups-general health mainenance,weight loss management systems, body
>cleansing system, topical analgesics, and physical fitness. No matter
>what your needs are, it is all here.
>AM Force--Code# 1111 A comprehensive food supplement combined with
>concentrated plant enzymes. Acts as energy stimulator and vitamin
>supplement.30 day supply  Retail-$29.95   Wholesale-$21.95
>PM Theta--Code#1112  A excellent source of bioenhancing minerals
>which help accelerate cell repair.  PM Theta Sleep works with 
>this vital rest period to provide the essential minerals & trace
>elements needed to ensure proper assistance of over 6000 enzymatic
>functions in our body. 30 day supply Retail-$19.95
>OPC 300+--Code#5117 A super antioxidant designed to neutralize free
>radicals in the body.  Free radicals destroy
>good cells-leaving your body vulnerable to illness and disease 30 day
>supply Retail-$37.50

>Cardio Care--Code#1261 Effective in regulating cholesterol buildup in
>the bloodstream. 30 day supply.
>                                  Reatil-$36.95 Wholesale-$26.95
>Phytoblast--Code#1131 Enhances the absorption of other nutrients and
>controls toxic reaction caused by drugs and chemical exposures from
>our diet & enviroment. Also has applications for stress management,
>disorders and age associated diseases. 30 day supply  Reatail-$30.60
>8 Seconds--Code#1151 A natural vitality booster which is designed to
>promote a state of inner healing and immune resistance 30 servings
>Retail-$29.95 Wholesale-$21.95
>Joule--Code#7601         Designed to supercharge your body and
>replenish the body's electrolytes. Application in improving digestion
> and acts as an anti-inflammatory.  Contains pure Board Certified
>aloe vera and 24k
>pharmaceutical gold.32 servings Retail-$39.95 Wholesale-$29.95
>Pure Intelligence Code#1141 Increased mental clarity and enhancement
>or neurotranmitter functions. Is a dynamic source of  diosgenin
>growth hormone.  Has significant effect on the balance of hormone
>30 day supply Retail-$9.95 Wholesale-$6.95
>Bunjeez--Code#1152 Packed with vitamins and minerals which makes a
>delicious energy enhancing dietm supplement 60 pieces
>                                  Retail-$19.95 Wholesale-$14.95
>Neurotein--Code#1321 Weight loss product. Promotes a steady stream of
>available glucose for continuous energy while blocking the conversion
>of glucose to fat. Neurotein has shown to be effective for
>controlling the body's blood sugar levels. 30 day supply Retail-$39
>.95 Wholesale-$24.95
>Lazer Thin--Code#1361 Accelerated weight loss. Lazer Thin's powerful
>proactive ingredients work at the cellular level to supercharge 
>your metabolism which inhibits excess calories from being converted
>to fat. Also acts to lessen food intake.
>                                  32 day supply Retail $49.95
>Wholesale $39.95
>Neurosculpt--Code#1344 Designed to regulate the metabolism to reduce
>fat while building muscle tissue. Acts as a meal replacement or
>nutritional drink. 14 servings Retail $33.25 Wholesale $24.95
>Signatures--Code#1524 Removes toxins and unwanted waste material by
>cleaning the colon, small intestines and tissues at a deep cellular
>level. Designed for total body cleansing. Powder. Taken for 1 day.
>Reatail $23.95
>                                  Wholesale $17.95
>Optiklenz--Code#1501 A natural herbal laxative which softens the
>buildup of harmful toxins through health elimination.
>                                24 capsules Retail $12.95 Wholesale 
>Total Digestive Care (TDC)Code #1502 Aids in digestive process
>providing healthy elimination of harmful bacteria, pesticides, and
>chemical additives. A premium fiber supplement for the entire
>digestive system. 30 day supply
>                                 Retail $33.95 Wholesale $24.95
>There are also packages available as follows:
>Power Pack--Code #2211 Includes AM Force, PM Theta, Optiklenz, Total
>Digestive Care, Signatures, Neurosculpt, Neurotein Pure Intelligence,

>Phytoblast, Bunjeez, 8 Seconds Retail $263.70  Wholesale $169.95
>Xtreme Value Pack--Code #2231 Includes Total Digestive Care, Cardio
>Care, AM Force, PhytoBlast, Xtreme Minerals
>                                     Retail $160.40 Wholesale $105.95
>Xtreme Health Pack--Code #2232 Includes Total Digestive Care, AM
>Force, Xtreme Minerals, Pure Intelligence, PhytoBlast, 8 Seconds,
>Bunjeez, Cardio Care  Retail $220.25  Wholesale $149.95
>This is a partial list of the products offered, it gives a good
>overview of what is offered.  If you are wondering why the wholesale
>prices are listed it is simple-you should know.
>HOW TO GET WHOLESALE PRICES-- You pay a one time $10.00
>consultantship fee. No this does not require you to do anything
>further, you are not obligated to sell,distribute or anything-just
>enjoy the products at
>wholesale. What a deal!  Now if you wish to become involved in the
>business as I am doing you will get a business package explaining the
>business further for the $10.00 you pay but you are not required to
>do anything, the $10.00 just allows you to buy the product direct
>from the company.
>IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE AT RETAIL PRICE you can order through Family
>Tree Health & Nutrition.
>TO ORDER WHOLESALE: 1. You will need my name Joanne Harbert, ID
>#124814, Phone #1-888-685-8516. Write this down.
>                                        2. Call Akahi.com toll free
>order # 1-800-616-1376 Monday- Friday 8:30 am-8:30 pm (CST) to 
>expedite the application process and place your order.
>                                        3.  Simply provide your name,
>phone number, and ID#124814 to the order entry
>representative when you  place your order.  Also inform them of your
>complete shipping address and perferred method of  payment (Visa,
>MasterCard, Discover, American Express).
>                    After you recieve the start-up kit simply fill
>out the application and mail the signed copy back to Akahi.com, 
>15105 Surveyor Blvd., Dallas, TX 75244
>TO ORDER RETAIL: Simply call 1-888-685-8516. Accept MasterCard or
>TO ORDER RETAIL VIA CHECK : Please make check payable to Family Tree
>Health & Nutrition, 201 23rd St., WDM, Ia 50265
>Please include what products you would like and add $6.50 for
>shipping and
>You can also reach us at jharbert@akahi.com for questions or orders
>or call 1-888-685-8516.
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