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[Yaesu] 847 CAT - Cloning info

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Subject: [Yaesu] 847 CAT - Cloning info
From: mitch@gps.andor.net (J.T. Mitchell (Mitch))
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 23:28:05 +0100
I have captured the data which is sent from one FT 847 to the other in 
cloning mode.
Note the manual  ( at least mine is NOT correct .. the RCV CLN is menu 
number 96 NOT 97 and the SEND CLN menu number is 95 NOT 96 as stated in the 
manual )

I was able to capture the data with a simple terminal program and save it 
to a file then send the file to a different radio and the clone was complete.

The intent is to have several different memory profiles that can be loaded 
at ease.  I intend to write a simple program ( freeware ) to do this.  Or 
is there a program that already will allow saving to a memory location into 
the radio.  Most programs that I have seen only allow for control with a 
computer connected.

Does anyone know the format of the cloning data?

Tnx to all
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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