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When you have to place a caller on hold, are they forced to listen to
silence where time drags on and they wonder if they are still
connected?   Or do they have to listen to a radio station that may be
playing your competitors ads.

The callers you place on hold are a captive audience,  and some may
be your future customers.  The fact that they did call your business
indicates they are interested in your product or services,  and
depending upon your type of business,  you may place thousands of
future customers on hold each year.

When you must place some callers on hold, at least give them
something to listen to.  Tell them about your business.  Your hours, 
location,  any specials you may be having,  if you take credit cards,
 and many other positive things about your business.

Our Company has over 9 years of experience in the Telephone On Hold
advertising field.  We manufacture our own fully digital player (no
moving parts and a FIVE year warranty),  plus we also have our own
fully digital recording studio, a license free music library,  and
professional male & female voice talents.

The price of our unit includes every thing needed to operate as soon
as you receive it, including a generic thank you for holding message,
 plus a certificate for your first custom message.  You do not have
to find your own studio and voice talents as some other systems make
you do.  We also offer a 30 day money back policy if you are not
perfectly happy.

We presently have thousands of units operating in the USA,  Canada
Mexico covering almost every type of business possible.  Our unit is
compatible with any type of business telephone system having an audio
port or a MOH port.  Two or three line phones are excluded.

Please call 1-888-546-5348 for a no obligation quote!

If you already have an On Hold system,  we can provide your next
message on any type of system you may have.


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