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[Yaesu] want - Yaesu FT-790R II PA module, battery pack

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Subject: [Yaesu] want - Yaesu FT-790R II PA module, battery pack
From: rayford@silverlink.net (Ray)
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 23:13:52 -0800

Anyone have suggestions on replacing the PA module for my 440 Mhz all mode
FT-790R II ?  I've found a couple of sources but thought someone might have
some advice or price info and/or alternate substitutes.  On pin diode
replacement: worthwhile to replace them while you are in there since they
seem to often be the culprit, or only if they have failed?    

Also want a battery holder.  I'm guessing that's the same 
one used for the FT-290R II and FT-690R II . 
It is Yaesu option FBA-8 and the wall charger is NC-26B .  I've seen them
some time ago and there was a soft padded like case that went with it but I
that's an extra option and not really part of the battery holder? 

Thanks to any and all for help.


Ray KV4K/7
Port Orchard, WA     

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