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[Yaesu] FT-1000MP Mark V?

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-1000MP Mark V?
From: w2ki@amsat.org (John Hirth)
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 09:56:19 -0400
>From a posting by K6SE on the FT1000MP reflector:

k6se@juno.com wrote:
> Briefly, here's what Yaesu's "New Product News" brochure says about the
> five main changes included in the Mark-V FT-1000MP (the notes are mine):
> 1) 200 watts PEP Transmitter Output:
> -- Conservatively-designed 200 W MOSFET Final Amplifier
> -- Beefed up high-speed automatic antenna tuner
> -- Revolutionary heat sink design for contest and DXpedition environments
> Note: The new MP uses an outboard power supply which provides 30 volts DC
> for the final MOSFETs and 13.8 vdc for the rest of the transceiver
> circuitry.
> 2) Class-A PA Operation:
> -- The first amateur transceiver to provide class-A operation, providing
> uniquely-pure signal quality.
> Note: Class-A operation can be switched on/off with a new front panel
> button named "Class-A".
> 3) IDBT: Interlocked Digital Bandwidth Tracking System:
> -- A unique and formidable interference-fighting system, whereby the
> bandwidth of the DSP filter is automatically locked to be the same as the
> net bandwidth of the analog IF filters.  Engaging the IDBT, the operator
> experiences a sudden sharpening of the shape factor of the receiver's
> filter system.  With IDBT, the DSP filter is automatically programmed to
> match any custom bandwidth you set by using the IF WIDTH and IF SHIFT
> controls, and the DSP filter then contributes a filtering slope which
> resembles a sheer cliff.  Additionally, the potential for AGC "pumping"
> caused by different analog and digital bandwidths is eliminated.
> 4) VRF: Variable RF Front-end Filter:
> -- Yaesu's engineers have developed the VRF module, a high-Q input
> "preselector" filter ahead of all active devices in the front end,
> including the main bandpass filters.  The VRF circuit provides
> narrow-band selectivity which prevents unwanted signal voltage from
> hitting the input side of the bandpass filter switching diodes, where
> 2nd-order IMD is most often created in an HF receiver.
> 5) Enhanced Ergonomics: Multi-function Shuttle Jog Dial:
> -- The shuttle jog tuning ring now includes the activation switches for
> the VRF and IDBT features, so the operator does not have to move his hand
> position to activate these important circuits during contest or pile-up
> situations.
> Note: From a picture in the brochure, it's obvious that Yaesu has
> completely rearranged the right side of the front panel.  Most noticeable
> is that the EDSP noise reduction and contour knobs are missing - a single
> manual notch control knob is in their place.  Rather than being
> concentric, the shift and width controls are now separate.  There are
> three "bandwidth" on/off pushbuttons where the "notch", "nb1" and "nb2"
> pushbuttons are on the present MP.  There is now only one "tuner"
> pushbutton, and a single "nb" pushbutton where the other tuner button was
> - the nb level control is missing.  It's hard to read in the photo, but
> there appears to be one light-type pushbutton where the  "edsp"
> pushbutton was located, and its label appears to be "contour".  The
> memory channel tuning knob is now labeled "VRF/MEM CH" -- apparently the
> knob is also used to manually peak the VRF circuits.
> I heard the price tag on the new MP will be about $4000 US.
> 73, de Earl, K6SE

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