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[Yaesu] FS: 1000mp With Inrad Mod (or not)

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Subject: [Yaesu] FS: 1000mp With Inrad Mod (or not)
From: rlubash@poco.mv.com (Richard Lubash)
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 20:31:31 -0400
I just purchased a Mark V last week so I have decided to sell my 1000mp. It
is stock
(moved the filters over to the Mark V) but has the Inrad IF mod installed.
The Inrad mod being a plug-in board, I will be happy to take the cover off
the rig and unplug the mod to deliver a completely stock rig if that is
what the buyer wants. The serial # is: 7E180159 and the radio was purchased
from HRO Salem on 11/7/99. I have a number of other HF rigs so the MP has
not seen extensive use and is in excellent physical and electrical
condition. I want to get $1800 for the rig plus buyer pays shipping. I
don't really need to sell the rig for the cash so at this time I'm not into
dickering thus making the price firm. I have the original triple box, hand
mic, Yaesu map and manual. I also have the service manual which I would be
willing to sell separately to the rig purchaser or after the rig sells.

Please contact me directly at:

email <rlubash@poco.mv.com>

phone 603-563-8447

I live in NH and would be happy to show the rig or arrange a pick-up / meet
for transfer or will ship with the usual, bank check, wait for clear of
personal check or some sort of COD arrangement.


Richard Lubash

Richard Lubash


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