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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-920
From: baycock@HIWAAY.NET (Bill Aycock)
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 05:39:28 -0600
Back in Nov 1999, KC0DBY posted a list of such data. I will copy it and add
it below.


At 02:32 AM 1/30/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello to all,Has anyone ever seen anything listed as far as hidden menu for
>Yaesu FT-920 thanks Rick
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>Reply-To: Chris Buckley - KC0DBY <cwbuckle@mtu.edu>
>In hopes of extracting some useful information from QRZ, I downloaded some
>mods for european radios, and after a little bit of hacking around, found
>the following to work quite well for my FT-920.
>FT-920 MARS modification.
>1.  Turn on the radio while holding down the [step] and [lock] keys.
>2.  Enter the password "0761161" into the keypad, and press [enter]
>3.  Enter the menu system.  Beyond U-73 there will be a new set of "F"
>menus, some of which are used for display purposes (such as the serial
>number of the radio, and version numbers of various guts)  One of the
>menus is F-33 and is labeled Destina, apparently meant for the shipping
>destination of the radio.
>4. Switch the destination to "Std" 
>This enables transmission on the MARS bands on the radio, but not on
>the general coverage receive bands.  (meaning you will be able to TX
>on any frequency where (GEN) is not displayed next to the mode)
>Other various menus are listed below, and while I have not verified
>there use, but here is what I interpret them to mean, and their defaults,
>at least on my radio:
>F-01 01.16        CPU Version                          
>F-02  1.29        DSP Version
>F-03 FIN01.26     Tuner Version
>F-04 OFF          Tuner Clear
>F-05 OFF          Tuner Plate Adjustment
>F-06 OFF          Tuner Write to Tuner Memory
>F-07 OFF          Tuner Movement
>F-09 237          AM Modulation (Not in % I hope!)
>F-10 133          IF Shift Center Frequency (Possibly Useful)
>F-11 67           SSB Squelch
>F-12 133          FM Squelch
>F-13 72           TX Gain 160M
>F-14 63           TX Gain 80M
>F-15 55           TX Gain 40M
>F-16 53           TX Gain 30M
>F-17 60           TX Gain 20M
>F-18 69           TX Gain 17M
>F-19 58           TX Gain 15M
>F-20 51           TX Gain 12M
>F-21 56           TX Gain 28Mhz
>F-22 53           TX Gain 50Mhz
>F-23 TESTOFF      Testing TX Power
>F-24 187          ENC-NDV    CTCSS encoder narrow deviation
>F-25 168          ENC-WDV    CTCSS encoder wide deviation
>F-26 207          DTMFDEV    Dual Tone deviation 
>F-27 0.037        LSB REC CALL    (????)
>F-28 0.037        LSB TX CALL      (????)
>F-29 0.000        LSB Processor
>F-30 0.003        USB REC CALL     (????)
>F-31 0.003        USB TX CALL      (????)
>F-32 0.000        USB Processor
>F-33 USA         Shipping Destination
>F-34 OFF         Japanese 20W Transmitter limitation.
>F-35 XXXXXXX      Serial Number
>I haven't found any information on further modification of the US
>version 920.  If anyone has any, please let me know.  I would really
>like to get a nice compilation of extra documentation for this rig,
>and really don't want to actually fork over the $$ for the service
>----    ----    ----    ----    ----    ----
>Chris Buckley  --  KC0DBY           
Bill Aycock   ---   Persimmon Hill 
 Woodville, Alabama, US 35776
 (in the N.E. corner of the State)
      W4BSG   --   Grid EM64vr

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