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[Yaesu] Filter Questions on the FT-1000MP Mark-V?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Filter Questions on the FT-1000MP Mark-V?
From: W3YX@aol.com (W3YX@aol.com)
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 14:16:31 EDT

I am new to this list and also a new owner of the FT-1000MP Mark-V.  I bought 
the radio without any additional filters and I am looking for some suggestions 
as to what to get for it.

I am considering INRAD filters over the optional Yaesu filters?  Does anyone 
know of a reason not to do this?

I read somewhere that I might have problems with the IDBT feature if I don't go 
with the Optional 2.0 Khz filter that Yaesu offers.  I don't believe that INRAD 
carries a replacement for this filter although they do have a 1.8 Khz and (I 
believe) a 2.1 Khz filter.  Is this really a problem and, if so, is there a way 
to work around it?

On CW, I haven't seen anything that would indicate that I need to stay within 
the Yaesu optional filter values.  INRAD offers a nice 125 Hz filter for one of 
the IF's (but not both) and this might be a good one to go with.

Since I am asking about filters, can anyone point me to a document that 
explains "simply" what all the various filtering options are with this radio 
and how to configure them?  The manual doesn't seem to cover this topic very 

Thanks and 73,
Scott, W3YX

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