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[Yaesu] Re: Where is the Fox_tango list these days?

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Subject: [Yaesu] Re: Where is the Fox_tango list these days?
From: k0bx@qsl.net (k0bx@qsl.net)
Date: 18 Sep 2001 13:17:53 -0700
Wiley, the FT-101 series has always be a very good transceiver.  But like any 
transceiver it has some qurks.
To set the T & R is pretty simple.  But I no longer have my rig and my memory 
fails me.
The process was to hook a counter to the external vfo plug, it should read in 
the 8 MHZ range.  When you go from T & R, you will see how much the vfo shifts.

To get it to be the same on T & R, there is a (this is the part I forget) pot 
on the power supply board that is attached to the final cage.  It is used to 
adjust the voltage (like 5 volts).  This pot does not have a knob on it, it is 
one that you have to use a tool on, you adjust it, in xmit until the freq on 
the counter is the same on receive as xmit.  I don't have a manual, so all from 
memory, although I have done this many times on many FT-101's.  Maybe this will 
jog someone else mine that can give you more detail.

Just don't try adjusting the LO on each band as this is not the problem of T & 
R not on the same freq.

Joe K0BX

On Tue, 18 September 2001, W Sanders wrote:

> Thanks for the responses - I found the list but there doesn't seem to have
> been any activity since Aug 7. I guess my FT-101's days are numbered. My unit
> badly needs alignment - the LO uses different circuits to set freq on trans
> and recv on each band, my FT-101 is off 0 to 350 hz between T & R, depending
> on the band - I have only a VTVM and frequency counter for tools so I'm not
> too confident about being able to get it in tune any better than it is. I also
> inherited the unit from by dad who bless his heart seems to have used the rig
> for AM CB ops and nearly toasted the finals, I have only about 10 W output on
> 15 and 10. 
> Right now the front runner for replacement is a TenTec Jupiter. Alignment is
> easy - download new software :-) And how can you go wrong with a rig made in
> the USA, on Dolly Parton Parkway.
> -wiley KF6IIU
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