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[Yaesu] How do I add WARC bands to old FT-901DM?

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Subject: [Yaesu] How do I add WARC bands to old FT-901DM?
From: va3pu@rac.ca (Ed Pugh (VA3PU))
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 07:53:02 -0400

A few weeks ago, I purchased a used FT-901 DM at a local hamfest.

This is the "older" version that does NOT have the WARC bands
(12, 17 and 30 M).  (Note that Yaesu later came out with a version
of the FT-901 that DID include WARC bands.  BTW, does anyone know
the difference(s) between this later FT-901DM (with WARC) and the
FT-902 DM ???  Pictures of their front panes look identical,
except for the model name plate.)

[I don't have this rig on the air just yet - I am waiting to get
some HF radiators up.]

Is there an available mod to add WARC bands to the older FT-901DM,
in addition to the existing bands?

Is there, perhaps, a published construction project to make a
transverter to add these bands?

If there are any web sites that that describe how to add WARC
bands to the older FT-901DM, I would appreciate knowing the URLs.

Oh, and one more question.  Is the Curtiss keyer in the FT-901DM
iambic or not?  (This uses the oldest version of the Curtiss 8044
chip, with no suffix.  I do know that the 8044ABM - i.e. with
suffix "ABM" - is iambic, but I am wondering about the 8044 without
any suffix.  I am wondering if I should get iambic paddles for this.)
Is there any way to use the FT-901DM's internal keyer in a "code
practice" mode; i.e. without actually transmitting CW?


Ed Pugh (VA3PU)
Ottawa, Ontario

Ed Pugh   | A common mistake that people make when trying
VA3PU     | to design something completely foolproof is to
Ottawa ON | underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
CANADA    | - Douglas Noel Adams (1952 - May 11, 2001 :-( )

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