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[Yaesu] FT-301 Receive Mods? Display Led Mod

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: [Yaesu] FT-301 Receive Mods? Display Led Mod
From: n1eu@hotmail.com (Barry N1EU)
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:46:51 -0400
The analog FT-301 IMHO has one of the best mechanical tuning mechanisms ever 
stuffed into a rig.  Receiver still holds its own.  It's a great little rig 
and I've never seen any mods published for it.

Barry  N1EU

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>Subject: Re: [Yaesu] FT-301 Receive Mods? Display Led Mod
To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
>Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 10:39:20 -0400
>I had the FT-301D. Bought it new and used it for years. Never was aware of
>any mods for the receiver, or the need for it. Keep in the mind that the 
>is noisy and that shows up in the test reports for the receiver 
>What I did have a problem with, was the red led read outs would fail due to
>heat. These are no standard leds. They actually have a frequency counter as
>part of the led display module, and boy do they run hot normally. After
>buying replacements I took a common tin can as a source for my material, 
>made heat sinks that I put on the back of the led units. No more failures
>after that and when I traded it to a friend, the spare set of leds for it
>went with it, and he didn't need them either.
>Those dot matrix red read out were annoying to me when I was tired and it
>was late at night. Focusing the eyes on them were a strain during those
>times.... hi
>If you tune up this rig, be careful. Getting the ganged coil arrangement 
>of alignment can cause a output power spike even if the power level control
>is set to minimum. Blew out a frequency counter this way!
>Also enjoyed using crystal control with this rig. It was when I learned 
>even crystal control operation can have some transmit frequency drift. Used
>the external Vfo too.
>Been surprised over the last ten years to still see messages about this 
>Says that it has hung in there very well.
>73 from Bill - WD8ARZ
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>Subject: [Yaesu] FT-301 Receive Mods?
> > Does anyone on the list know of any receive mods for the old FT-301? I
>have searched with no real results using Google. Any info
> > appreciated.
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> > Glenn Butzlaff, WE9K
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