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[Yaesu] [YCCC] FT-1000MP display gone

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: [Yaesu] [YCCC] FT-1000MP display gone
From: n2mg@eham.net (Michael Gilmer, N2MG)
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 07:25:07 -0400
VR2BG wrote:

> N2MG concluded:
> >However at least three of you suggested the "backlight" supply.  Being
> >adventurous, I started disassembling the radio (without the service
> >which is on order - c'mon, I just bought this radio!) and lo and behold,
> >Yaesu put the inverter circuit right where it belongs - on the
> >of the "EMI firewall" behind the front panel so it was easy to find.  One
> >the emails I received suggested I look at the thermal fuse and sure
> >TF1 was open as suspected.  Bravo!
> My turn to suggest searching eHam.net, where you would find that I posted
> some time back that TF1 could be the culprit.  ;^)

Touché :-)

> Finally figured that one out after the third failure.  Credit for that
goes to
> JA1RJU.  Yaesu itself seemingly knew nothing about it.  Bounced the idea
> off K7JA & didn't get a thumbs down but didn't exactly get a thumbs up,
> either.  I sense the official position will be that power supply for
> tube is considered a part & therefore is to be replaced outright - typical
> an out-sourced module like this.

Yep, Yaseu tech dep't told me they never heard of any problem with the
inverters (TF1 or the whole board) - that what I heard was some kind of
Internet hoax.  "Well, gee," I said, " it's funny, then that the hoax helped
me identify the exact part (TF1) *immediately*."  He had no response.

The inverter board does appear to be outsourced - typical in the US for
backlight inverters. We always outsource them at work - but I was somehow of
the mind that the Japanese was less prone to this kind of
outsourcing...silly me.

I've read a lot about the slow starting display/backlight problem...not sure
that it could be the TF as well, but maybe?  Anyone try that?

73 Mike N2MG

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