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Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu FT-620B
From: kb0nly@svtv.com (KBØNLY)
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 02:38:50 -0600
This is my first time posting so I hope it works!!

I have a FT-620B that has a curious problem, when I bought it half a =
year ago all the modes worked.  AM,CW,USB,LSB, this rig does not have =
FM.  Now the other day I decided to once again try it on CW but neither =
CW or AM seem to work any more.  On CW with key down I hear the relay =
click to transmit and I hear the sidetone but the meter isn't showing =
any power out on the radio, I also don't see any power out on a =
wattmeter.  However you can hear the relay click over to transmit and =
the receiver quiets.  On AM for this radio you are supposed to set the =
AM CARRIER control to the desired power out by the meter, I also no =
longer see any power out by the radios meter or by the wattmeter.  On =
USB and LSB however the radio works beautifully and I use it nearly =
everyday to chat with the locals.

I suspected the relay at first, but since it was working on CW about 5-6 =
months ago and so was the AM and now suddenly it doesn't leads me to =
believe that something went dead in the radio.  Is the AM and CW closely =
related in this radio that they would both be affected if one component =
gave up?  On AM when you push the PTT on the mic you can hear the relay =
click, but you can also hear a loud pop from the speaker when doing so.  =
On CW you hear the relay click on and hear the sidetone while sending =
then of course you hear the relay click off.

I can't find any mention of Yaesu ever publishing a service/maintenance =
manual for this radio, seems odd to me since the 101B I used to have had =
one, and the FT-221 that I recently resurrected from the dead had one =
that was easy to obtain.

So, does anyone have any suggestions?  Is there any other FT-620B owners =
out there or someone who knows what's wrong?  Is there indeed a service =
manual for this radio, that would be of significant help also.  You can =
email me at:


And check out my Web Page!  www.qsl.net/kb0nly

Thanks in Advance and 73,

Scott,  KB=D8NLY

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