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[TenTec] RE: [Yaesu] a buzz in my ten tec and yaesu -- WHYYYY???

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Subject: [TenTec] RE: [Yaesu] a buzz in my ten tec and yaesu -- WHYYYY???
From: kc5ykx@swbell.net (Reid Hill)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 18:57:49 -0600
OK Don't whack it. You are right. I forget that the power co is not about
keeping things as they should be, tight and up to date. But you can still
whack the offending noise generator! :)


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>No, no, NO! Please DO NOT whack the pole with a sledge hammer. If there
>is any loose hardware or wiring it will come down ON YOUR HEAD.
>Plus, you will be liable for any damage you cause to the pole. Use a
>receiver to sniff around the pole. I have had good cooperation from the
>power company when I am able to give them a location and pole number.
>Safety first!
>               73,
>                       Bob WB2VUF
>Reid Hill wrote:
>> If you suspect the pole, when the noise is present, go out and
>whack it with
>> a sledge and see if the noise oscillates. If it does, bingo, you
>found the
>> noise. If not keep searching and keep the sledge handy to pound the
>> offending object. (i.e. neighbors touch lamp, door bell
>fluorescent lighting
>> etc.)
>> Reid
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>> >Subject: [Yaesu] a buzz in my ten tec and yaesu -- WHYYYY???
>> >
>> >
>> >Ok, here's something that is driving me NUTSSSSS.   Every once in
>> >a while as
>> >i use my Ten-Tec Omni 6+ and Yaesu ft-100D, i get a loud buzz like
>> >something
>> >electrical running.  the noise is on each band, not the whole band, but
>> >14.020 to 14.096 and on the ssb portion.  also on the other bands.
>> > My Yaesu
>> >is running on a battery.  so it's not the power supply i use on
>my Omni.  i
>> >tuned in the noise on my yaesu and then shut off the omni and
>power supply.
>> >the noise did not go away on my yaesu.  i turned off the flurecent
>> >light, my
>> >oil burner, the intercom system.  still noise.   then it went
>away and came
>> >back.  there is a utility pole in my yard.  telephone pole with
>> >stuff on it.
>> >u think that is the problem?  if so, what do i doooooo?   chop
>it down or
>> >call the power company??   no, i won't chop it down.  Really!
>i promise!
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