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[Yaesu] CAT FT990/FT1000 Problem: Clarifier Tuning

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Subject: [Yaesu] CAT FT990/FT1000 Problem: Clarifier Tuning
From: k4oj@tampabay.rr.com (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 10:33:49 -0500
Something I would like to have is a remote knob for the FT1000 - a knob 
which would adjust either (or both) the VFO and the RIT/Clarifier that I 
could place along side the keyboard so I didn't have to touch the rig as 
often would be great - allowing me to keep my hands on/near the keyboard.

A company called Eklektic (sp?) made such a know in mass quantities for 
the Kenwood rigs and did a few special order units for Yaesu.   They had 
a remote tuning knob which could be changed to an RIT control with the 
throw of a switch.

In fast paced contest operating it is nice to not have to touch the rig 
for long period of time while running however reality is that not 
everyone calls on frequency - so there at least two times your hands 
leave the keyboard - once to adjust the clarifier and once to undo the 
adjustment to return top the "normal" frequency.

I gather from this posting that the clarifier may be accessable from the 
CAT jack - if this is so then maybe someone who is up on such things 
could tell me if it is possible to construct a remote clarifier knob 
form my 1000 without doing and serious work inside the rig - I do not 
want to perform a modification to the rig itself if at all possible to 
avoid such.

73, sorry for interrupting your QSO, Berndt!

Jim, K4OJ


wulf@ping.net.au wrote:

>I experience problems setting the clarifier using the CAT interface.
>The following commands are function ok as expected:
>opcode | data1 | data2 | data3 | data4 | description
>0x09   | 0x00  | 0x00  | 0x00  | 0x00  | RX clarifier disabled
>0x09   | 0x01  | 0x00  | 0x00  | 0x00  | RX clarifier enabled
>0x09   | 0x80  | 0x00  | 0x00  | 0x00  | TX clarifier disabled
>0x09   | 0x81  | 0x00  | 0x00  | 0x00  | TX clarifier enabled
>0x09   | 0xff  | 0x00  | 0x00  | 0x00  | Clear Offset
>However I can't seem to set the frequency using the following commands:
>0x09   | 0x00  | 0x00  | 0x00  | 0x64  | Tune up 100 Hz
>0x09   | 0x00  | 0xff  | 0x00  | 0x64  | Tune down 100 Hz
>Has anyone had success in setting the clarifier through the CAT interface?
>It almost looks as if the documentation omits some information needed to
>do so, e.g. which value to set data1 when tuning the clarifier.
>I'm almost finished with programming a GUI that gives remote control over a
>FT990 (FT1000 without dualband functionallity) and really like to get the
>clarifier working too.
>There also seems to be no way in enabling the FAST dial function using
>the CAT interface, but this can be implemented in software.
>I welcome any ideas and hints!
>Many thanks in advance,
>73, Berndt
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