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[Yaesu] Little more on that early FT-101 Fan Mod.

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Subject: [Yaesu] Little more on that early FT-101 Fan Mod.
From: w4clm.ham@juno.com (Carol L Maher)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:21:21 -0500
Hi again Ed,
If you do the fan mod, first off you have to take all the covers off....
Top/Bottom/ Slide back main cover.  Pull out the two boards on the 
LEFT behind the power and heater switches.  That would be the I.F. board
and the Audio board.....also pull the two screws holding the shield and
the shield between both of those boards.   Get yourself a little wire, it
doesn't have to
be real heavy.  Stranded #20 should be ok, but if you have something a
heavier use it like an old extension cord type wire is good.  Cut loose
the two yellow
wires and solder them together.  If you want you can pull them into the
of the set and work with them under the set,  in the next step you will
to flip the set over and pull the speaker cover loose anyway.  

Flip set over, pull speaker cover (three screws) and pull the speaker
panel carefully
aside  After you have soldered the new wires to the heater switch, run
under the set, use the chassis hole that is already there for the power
switch just
forward to the transformer looking from the top.  Once under the chassis,
flip the
set over, looking at the under side of the chassis pull the new wires
the bottom back towards the power transformer. 
Now you have to locate the small fan wire, if you look
at the transformer you will see the power supply board towards the front
of the transformer compartment. We will call that the front side.....
Back will be the
rear chassis for discussion sake.   Then look towards the left side of
the transformer, just a little forward of the fuse socket.  Look down
into the
transformer and it should say 100 Volt.  This small wire is for the fan. 

Those Yaesu / Japanese fans run on 100 Volt A/C.
(House wiring in Japan is 100 Volt at 60 cycles FYI)
 All we need to do is make and break this wire to the transformer in
order to
turn the fan on and off. Cut loose the 100 VAC wire 
(Again it's a small white wire just forward of the fuse) 
solder your new  switch wire on one side to the white wire and the 
other to the transformer.   If you have some heat shrink, put a small
on the connection between the switch and white wire.   Put the
speaker cover back on, install both boards and the shield you took out.
Plug in the set and test it before you reassemble the covers.

That should do it.   If you have any questions or problems, let me know.

Best Regards and happy holidays.
Carol Maher

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