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[Yaesu] FT-100D Noise Blanker

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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-100D Noise Blanker
From: wa3gin@erols.com (David Jordan)
Date: Wed Feb 5 17:04:10 2003

Reduce the RF gain...and set the AGC to SLOW otherwise the potential to 
overpower the NB circuits is high and over driving will increase the 
distortion.   Lastly, the IF NB will remove significant selectivety of 
the IF circuit. SO, you'll be hearing splatter from strong adjacent 
stations that you wouldn't otherwise hear if the NB was off.

Good Luck,

Carol L Maher wrote:

>Jim,  Isn't there a level adjustment for the Noise Blanker
>just outside of the Squelch control knob on the FT-1000D?
>Now I may be wrong, but I think that all noise blanker circuitry
>no mater who made the radio will introduce some distortion of
>the audio signal when the NB circuit is working.  
>Look at it this way, the noise blanker is suppose
>to suppress peak noise such as repetitive A.C. popping or spark plug
>noise.  In the past my experience has been, some NB circuits appear
>to work or they just didn't work at all.  This was the case with the
>earlier FT-101 series where as the only noise blanker the was
>effective from the original manufacturing was the blanker circuit
>in the FT-101B.  
>Now getting back to my point, try turning on the NB then
>turning down the NB level control and see if you still have your problem.
>Try to find a happy medium between limiting the noise peaks while
>attempting to keep the audio at a point where it's still acceptable
>to the ear.  If I crank the NB control all the way up, 
>I too notice some distortion of the audio signal.  Considering that the
>circuit is designed to suppress noise peaks then we can assume it will
>cause distortion to the audio as well.
>I have a bad noise problem in my Ford Tarus, I also  have an FT-100D in
>car.  The noise blanker is effective but again like you, I have some
>when it's on.   I have not yet attempted to look into the menu options to
>if it's adjustable.  
>Just some thoughts on the subject.
>Carol L. Maher
>Charlotte NC
>>Sometimes when signals are loud on the band they all sound like heck 
>>my FT1000D
>>Turning off the noise blanker fixes the problem....
>>Anyone else experienced this problem - and - did you find a cure?
>>Jim, K4OJ
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