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[Yaesu] ft101zd

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Subject: [Yaesu] ft101zd
From: wa.tworsx@verizon.net (Vince)
Date: Sat Feb 8 17:30:22 2003

Yes, there is a potential destruction of your final tubes and harmonic
radiation if the Plate Load circuit is not properly resonated/tuned. 
Detunning of the Grid is just as dangerous to the rig.  

Setup should be accomplished w/o VOX; use PTT or MOX when setting the
audio levels. 

Does your home brewed interface include a voltage divider for the snd
crd audio level?  A 100 to 1 ratio is probably best.  The microphone
input stage in a radio is expecting in the order of 200 millivolts. Snd
crds put out a much higher level.  Run PSK w/o ALC deflection.  Do not
use a speech compressor with any snd crd mode. No  Clarifier / RIT,

Good luck.
73 de ~ Vince ~
WA2RSX   IOTA   NA-026

bob plourde wrote:
> I have an F101ZD dedicated to PSK31.  Using a home brew interface and
> VOX I find no combination of mike gain and sound card volume that will
> produce a consistent output of 30W.  I get either zero or the full
> 100W.  The only solution is to detune the load control a bit so max
> power is <40W and then raise the mike or sound card levels.  My question
> here is there a potential problem with running the rig a bit out of
> tune.
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