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Subject: [Yaesu] FT-620B
From: WD8JJA@arrl.net (Davis_R)
Date: Fri Feb 28 09:07:36 2003
Hi Al, and other's on the reflector.
I decided to also post this to the reflector for the benifit of all.
I still think it rather uncourteous for someone to respond directly to an
inquiry and leave the rest of the subscribers wondering/waiting for the

Anyway, researching the archives of the FoxTango newsletters, I found the
following recommendations:

1. Replace Q401 and Q403 with a 3N211 or ECG222 (preferred) dual-gate MOSFET

2. Get an AM or CW signal at S2 - S6 and peak up L202, L206, L201, L208 on
PB1417 AF-IF unit.

3. Replace C416 (.01) off Q402 and C423 (.01) off Q403 with 10 pF. (Does
anyone know what this does? Increase the gain if the stage, maybe?)

4. Adjust L401, L402, and L403 for peak incoming signal.

5. Adjust TC401 and TC 402 (near L402 and L403) for peak.

6. Adjust coil L406 for peak.

7. On MIC-AMP board, behind mike gain control, turn L301 clockwise until RX
cuts off, then back it until RX just comes on again.


8. Adjust L407 (RF-MIX Board) for peak.

9. Using a plastic screwdriver, tuning tool, etc, aadjust TC405, TC404, and
TC403, in the sequence given.

10. In CW position, adjust L411, L413, L412, L414 and L415 for peak output.

11. Peak TC406 and L407.

12. Remove shield over TX section.

13. Peak TC501 and TC502.

14. Repeat steps 9 through 13. Replace shield.

15. Adjust S-meter and Noise Blanker per the manual.

16. Remove bottom cover and adjust L303 for maximum noise.

17. Adjust VR301 on MIC-AMP board of your signal has any carrier.

18. Adjust automatic shutdown per the manual.

PLEASE NOTE: Although I have an FT-620B, I have not personally performed
this alignment, yet. I am just repeating what was published in the old
FoxTango newsletters. If you or anyone has anything to add or correct, I
would be happy to hear about it.

73, good luck and God Bless.

Rick, WD8JJA.

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To: ""Davis_R"" <WD8JJA@arrl.net>
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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] FT-620B

> "Davis_R" <WD8JJA@arrl.net> wrote:
> Hi Rick.  Only answer received thought that two transistors were replaced
with 3n211's which may be correct if I recall, then re-tweak rx.  All I have
done so far is go through the tx and tweak it up and same with rx as best I
can.  Did help as rig had been sitting for a long time.  Using an ARR preamp
on it which helps a lot.  So would appreciate any info you may have.
> 73
> Al
> >Did you ever get an answer to this? If not, I have the old FoxTango
> >newsletters that made some recommendations that I could share with you.
> >
> >If you have, then maybe we could share notes?
> >
> >Rick, WD8JJA
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> >Subject: [Yaesu] FT-620B
> >
> >
> >>   Recently picked up an old analog 6 meter 620B.  Seems to work well
> >needs a general tweeking up etc. after not being used for a long time.
> >one years ago and remember someone put out a mod sheet (transistor
> >and alignment guidelines which improved the RX quite a bit.  Had that
> >but it went with my old 620B when I sold it.  Anyone happen to have that
> >info or know where it might be found?  Using this 620B as backup to newer
> >equipment. Thanks-
> >> Al K7IEY
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