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[Yaesu] FP-12 Power supply

To: <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: [Yaesu] FP-12 Power supply
From: w4clm.ham@juno.com (Carol L Maher)
Date: Sun Mar 9 13:28:38 2003
Hi Gang,
I'm wondering if anyone has any information, maybe a schematic ?
for this 12 Amp power supply.     I picked up a Yaesu FP-12
(12 Amp) power supply this weekend which had no output.

After checking all the series regulators and regulator circuitry, I've
come to the conclusion I have a dead Toshiba part.
It's a 7 pin device (P/N TA7089M).  It's not much bigger then a 
common transistor found in the mid 1970's  as were most discreet
components used at that time period.
Any information you can give me on the power supply or where I
could obtain this Toshiba part or suitable replacement would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards to the net.
Carol L. Maher
Charlotte N.C.
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