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Thanks so much Glen, Re: [Yaesu] FP-12 Power supply

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Subject: Thanks so much Glen, Re: [Yaesu] FP-12 Power supply
From: w4clm.ham@juno.com (Carol L Maher)
Date: Sun Mar 9 22:47:15 2003
Wow Glen !!  Great info, thank you so much for having taken the time
to reply.  I really appreciate the info.    This sounds so much like
in the their early years with the FT-101 transceivers, / FL-101 / FR-101
as they all
use 6vdc for the VFO and other circuits.  Those I.C. chips are also
obsolete and I had to do similar things as you experienced with the
Having no paper work on the device, I would not have known for sure the
story and you clarified that so nicely for me.  Thanks Glen.
Best Regards
Carol W4CLM

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003 12:40:45 -0800 (PST) Glen Farough <gfarough@yahoo.com>
Yes, the TA-7089M is an obsolete technology and is nothing more 
than a 6 volt reference for the power supply.  I had trouble with the psu

of the Yaesu FTV-901R transverter using the TA-7089M.  
Replace it with a 78L06.  This fixed 6 volt common regulator with 150ma
perfect for the job. 12-30vdc  Input / Ground / output of 6vdc...  
All that fancy circuit of the TA7089M and surrounding components must be
right inside of the 78L06. 
The 78L06 is in a TO-92 case (small plastic case like common small
The TA7089M and circuit was abandoned by so many power supplies because
was not to dependable...Was a prototype for the 78 series of  fixed
73 de Glen VE7LGF... 
 Carol L Maher <w4clm.ham@juno.com> wrote: 
Hi Gang,
I'm wondering if anyone has any information, maybe a schematic ?
for this 12 Amp power supply. I picked up a Yaesu FP-12
(12 Amp) power supply this weekend which had no output.

After checking all the series regulators and regulator circuitry, I've
come to the conclusion I have a dead Toshiba part.
It's a 7 pin device (P/N TA7089M). It's not much bigger then a 
common transistor found in the mid 1970's as were most discreet
components used at that time period.

Any information you can give me on the power supply or where I
could obtain this Toshiba part or suitable replacement would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards to the net.
Carol L. Maher
Charlotte N.C.
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