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Subject: [Yaesu] Nora-Adam-Six-Zebra, 10-4
From: randomnoise@comcast.net (Michael L. Tyson)
Date: Mon Mar 17 22:20:55 2003

Your comment reflects poorly upon yourself.  Perhaps Don has gone beyond
learning the international phonetics that is used not only in amateur radio,
but by the US military as well as communicators the world over.  Perhaps Don
has learned (or remembers) the American phonetics that preceded the
international phonetics, or perhaps Don is involved in Law Enforcement,
which seems to use that system rather than the international one.

I wouldn't mind learning that phonetic alphabet.

By the way, aren't standard phonetics only critical when the communications
link is poor, requiring an extra measure to ensure that meaning is
understood?  So, in an E-mail, where copy is always 59+, what's the harm in
using different phonetics?

Or perhaps you'd rather use spark gap transmitters & nothing else is real

You missed the boat on this one, my friend.  But tomorrow is another day and
I have seen some good posts from you, so today must not have been your day.

73, Mike, N2GEG

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I think in the amateur radio world, that would be
Regards & 73's

> I dropped off my FT-890 at Yaesu Cerritos for repairs, service and
> alignment last Monday at lunch. It was ready for pick-up Friday
> morning!  All repairs made; service and alignment performed. 1.5
> hours labor at $70/hour. No, I'm not associated with Yaesu; I'm just
> a satisfied owner.  Don Nora-Adam-Six-Zebra
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