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[Yaesu] Phonetic Alphabet

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Subject: [Yaesu] Phonetic Alphabet
From: sbbloom69@yahoo.com (Stuart Bloom)
Date: Tue Mar 18 14:00:54 2003
Well, I guess NATO's phonetic alphabet was good enough
for the United Nations, since they adopted it as their
RECOMMENDED standard.  Specifically, the International
Civil Aviation Organization (chartered by the UN) and
the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)which
sets communications standards worldwide BOTH specify
the "NATO" phonetic alphabet which they call the
"International" Phonetic Alphabet.  I know the FCC
specifies the International Phonetic Alphabet for
American amateurs, So, I guess I'm not too off-base in
saying that most, if not all, radio amateurs are
supposed to use the International Phonetic Alphabet,
regardless of whether it originated with NATO.  It
works, and it's the international standard.  To read
more, check: 


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