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[Yaesu] Phonetic Alphabet (NOT)

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Subject: [Yaesu] Phonetic Alphabet (NOT)
From: sbbloom69@yahoo.com (Stuart Bloom)
Date: Tue Mar 18 19:46:11 2003
Well, I guess this subject really has generated enough
Static/QRM/QRN/Noise, etc.  Time to get back to Yaesu

I have a 1974 FT-101E, a Henry Tempo One (FT-200), and
an older FTdx-100.

I have started to develop a problem with the FT-101. 
Tuning is getting more difficult, especially on 80m
and 160m.  I performed the neutralization of the
finals, but I can't get the dip to even out.  No
matter what I do, the dip slope is stronger to one
side.  Are my finals now starting to die?  I don't
have access to a tube tester (yet).  I'm thinking of
getting one, because I love tube gear so much.  I
bought a set of 6JS6's, but I hate to use them until I
really need them.

Any of you guys "Fox Tango" guru's??


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