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[Yaesu] CW Filter switching problem

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Subject: [Yaesu] CW Filter switching problem
From: W1RM@arrl.net (Peter Chamalian)
Date: Sun Mar 23 15:43:07 2003
This one has me stumped and I hope someone has encountered and solved
this little problem.  I'll start by saying this has never worked.

My Mark V has filters (InRad and Yaesu) filters for 500 and 250 hz in
both the 8.2 mHz and 455 kHz positions.

If I tell the radio that these filters are installed (via the
appropriate menu selections) and I select either of the filter positions
in CW, the radio goes quiet.

If I tell the radio I only have the 8.2 mHz filters, the radio works
properly -- each filter position provides the correct filtering for the
8.2 mHz filters.

If I tell the radio I have the 250 Hz filter in the 8.2 mHz position but
not the 500 Hz filter, neither position works.

To check the filter sockets and filters, I removed the 2.4 kHz 455
mechanical filter and put (one at a time of course) each of the cw
filters.  They both work fine.

If I put the 2.4 kHz mechanical filter into the position where the 500
Hz or 250 Hz filter would be put, the position works fine.

So it appears all the pieces work but not when the filters are installed
in their respective positions.

Does anyone have a clue as to what might be going on?

Pete, W1RM

Pete, W1RM

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