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[Yaesu] Mark-V Band Data Port

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Subject: [Yaesu] Mark-V Band Data Port
From: k7zo@cableone.net (K7ZO (Scott Tuthill))
Date: Thu Apr 10 08:56:41 2003
Does anyone out there have detailed information on the Band Data port on the
Mark-V? I am in the process of designing an interlock system that will allow
2 Mark-V's to operate together during a contest. If one trasmits I want to
block the other from transmitting and ground the antenna input.

On the original 1000MP Pin 8 of the Band Data port was labelled TX INHIBIT,
on the Mark-V it is now called LINEAR. I can imagine what TX INHIBIT does
which is really interesting but does LINEAR do the same thing or something
else. Does anyone know what the signal logic is on that line. I know the
band data itself on pins 4-7 are 5V TTL.

Thanks for the help.


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