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[Yaesu] Mark V problem

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Subject: [Yaesu] Mark V problem
From: ed.miske@kennametal.com
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 08:48:35 -0400
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On CW, tone seems to "shift" several hundred Hz every few seconds. On SSB
(upper or lower), signal "clips" or "drops out", or perhaps best word is
the rig "un-key's" for a split second then re-keys again. This happens
every few seconds. Probably problem on CW is the same thing, but it just
evidences itself differently, (i.e., what sounds like a shift of a few
hundred Hz is actually the rig re-keying).

This happens on 40 meters only; CW or SSB. Absolutely no evidence of
problems on any other bands. No receiver problems on 40M. Started at about
2100z on Saturday in middle of Pa QSO Party. Continued to use it for 160,
80, 20 and 15 throughout the contest and no problems. I was at a portable
set up, so I thought it might have been something to do with my wire dipole
antenna arrangement (i.e., interaction/interference of some sore) from the
7 different wire's I had hanging in the trees all around me, or maybe from
a poor ground. But got rig set up at home last night and same thing going
on at home QTH.

Maybe this event caused my problem:
While setting up Friday evening, I accidentally keyed the rig (was
connecting SO2R box and forgot to use mono to stereo converter on cw key
jack) for perhaps several minutes; maybe 4 or 5. Power was probably at
about 100 - 125w. Did not notice until I started to smell that dreaded odor
from RF heat building up.  Do not know if rig was on 40 meters at the time,
but I'm guessing it was.

So, any comments/suspisions on my problem? Probably main questions is am I
looking at sending it off for repair or might it be something a mostly
non-technical 57 year old with poor eyesight might be able to fix? Might it
be just some menu reset (I know, fat chance...) or "plug in" that needs

Thanks for listening.


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