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[Yaesu] Calling all Hams Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day

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Subject: [Yaesu] Calling all Hams Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day
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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 00:04:11 -0500
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Calling all Hams Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day.
To Whom It May Concern:
Hello, and best wishes from Ft. Wayne,Indiana. May has been named Military
Appreciation Month by the U.S. Congress. My name is Emery McClendon, and my
Amateur Radio call is KB9IBW. As you may be aware I was the manager for the
Ft Wayne,In. and National Rally For America Amateur Radio Special Event
station that was held in West Virginia. The purpose of the Special Event was
to have Amateur Radio operators contact military personnel around the globe
to show America's support for our young men and women in uniform. The event
was a huge success. 
We are going to hold another special event this year on May 29,2004 that
will involve all Ham's who would like to contact troops and others involved
in Military Service, to show our support once 
again. What we would like to do is have all Amateur Radio Clubs and
operators in the United States and around the world set up stations in
public places such as a shopping mall or public park or other public area
where many people may gather. Then we will contact military members and
veterans world wide for approximate 4 to 6 hours via radio. We would also
allow the people who are gathered at these sites to talk live to the troops
and show them our support. We ask that Military ham operators and Clubs join
in with us so that we can honor you. 
Please pass this email on to as many Clubs and Ham Radio people as possible
so that we can receive feedback and to get the word out to as many military
bases and personnel as possible so that they can participate.
We would like to have Amateur Radio bulletin boards, publications, and
internet sites post this information and provide feedback, as well as any
other sites and publications that can be contacted. 
We here at Ft Wayne, In. as members of the FT Wayne Radio Club, and the
Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society support the idea, and would
love to have Amateur Operators join us in this endeavor to help show support
to our troops, and their families.
We want to have the family members of military personnel speak third party
via Ham Radio to our troops along with anyone else wishing to talk that may
be at the location where a radio station is set up. This would be a great
morale booster for us at home, and for our military personnel.
Please join us in this activity and submit any ideas to KB9IBW / Emery
McClendon; Special Event manager, via email at kb9ibw@netzero.com. 
Thank you in advance and let's show the world what Amateur Radio can do on
this Special day.
Other information will be posted as the Event progresses, and we move
forward with planning.

Our troops have expressed a desire for this type of support, and Amateur
Radio could really be a great opportunity to show the world what our hobby
can do for public service. Please spread the word and join in with us for
this very special event which we have named ARMAD.
Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day.
Thank you!

God Bless America & God Bless Our Troops!

Emery / KB9IBW
Allen County Amateur Radio Technical Society :: Technical Committee Chairman

PS: I can also be reached on the 145.330 or 145.700,kb9rlw-l #16686 Echo
link frequency, and at IRLP node #8380. Or contact Richard Andrews, n9hra on
146.940, and n9hra@arrl.net.

Kevin Adam
1239 W. Till Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825-2145

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