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[TowerTalk] YAESU G-600/ G-600RC

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Subject: [TowerTalk] YAESU G-600/ G-600RC
From: "Samir Popaja" <samir.popaja@comhem.se>
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 21:52:34 +0200
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I bought YAESU rotator G-600 with control box G-600RC.
I have tested it, the rotator works fine but the control box doesn't work,
more exactly the scale on control box G-600RC just turn around all the time.
It wouldn't stop. When I push buttons CCW or CW the rotator make move
without the problem but the scale (needle) on control box just turn around
all the time. It stops when I push the switch off.

The rotator is G-600 but the control box is G-600RC? It's supposed to be
like that?
Difference between G-600 and G-600RC is only control box or...?
What to do?
Thanks for help.

Have nice day
Samir, 7S7V (SM7VZX)

Samir Popaja
Lettlandsgatan 2B
SE-214 31 Malmö


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