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Re: [Yaesu] Please Don't Butcher the name: Yaesu Musen Co.

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] Please Don't Butcher the name: Yaesu Musen Co.
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Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 14:40:13 EDT
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Thanks for the education.  I am happy to report I had been pronouncing it 
apparently correctly all these years, but I did not know Musen meant 
How cool is that!

(I will point out that "RCA" does, however, have a meaning.  As you may 
already be aware, it stood for Radio Corporation of America.

73 and Happy Memorial Day,
Bernie K5XS

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certified-electronics@juno.com writes:
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Not sure if everyone can relate to this subject but let me give you an
I live in the Land of Grits, Black Eyed peas, Collard Greens and where
is king.  No such thing as a non~smoking restaurant here in North
Being known as what's commonly still called a Yankee!   I've learned to
adapt to many
new and interesting things here in the great American South land.

But there is one thing I just have a hard time choking down.  Some things
in the south get butchered and it's not just the hogs for barbecue, it's
the language.
So throw in a Japanese word or two like Yaesu or Musen and it's a
disaster to 
say the least.  It's enough to make (JA1MP) the companies founder Sako
turn over in his grave. 

First off  I'm no expert in the Japanese language but I have been a
student of
the language struggling with it for some nearly 10+ years now. I have
a sea going merchant radio officer for the last 19 years and spent most
my time running from the west coast of the United States to the far east.
So I really made an effort to learn something about Japan and it's
I can read and  write at an elementary level and when I'm in Japan, 
I manage to survive, eat and find my way around the country with little
So lets just leave it at that for the moment.

Words which we are familiar in Japanese.
Case in point here.  YAESU 
Yaesu does not have a translation or meaning that I have been able to
find other
then it just being a company name such as RCA, Zenith or Magnavox.  No
translation for words like that.

Yaesu is however pronounced as YA~A~SUE
YA ~ just think of some guy with a big beer stein in his hand making a
and going YAA! before he gulps it down.  An "E" in Japanese sounds like 
a roman character "A" and SU is pronounced SUE.  So we have YA-A-SUE
Not Ya'~ZOOO
Not Ye'a-ZOOO
Not YA'-eea'-ZUE or what ever !!

Thanks just had to clear that one up early.  I hate choking on my coffee
every time
I hear some one on the air butcher that one up.

Now here's one more little interesting little piece of information, that
I would bet
most of you have no idea what it means.  We have all seen the name Yaesu
Musen Co.
proudly displayed across our equipment for many years.  I belive it was
on all 
the early FT-product lines and more so recently was on the FV-101B
external VFO.

That's MU & and SEN
Mu being the sound like a baby kitten and emphasis on the "U" and Sen. 

So what does Musen mean ?
It means WIRELESS in Japanese

YA-A-SUE  MU-SEN // Yaesu wireless company.

For more interesting informaton about the Yaesu Company and it's early
beginnings see the Australian site:

Well that's all I have right now. Hope you enjoyed that little Tidbit of
information on your Memorial Day Weekend.
Best 73's
Carol Maher
Certified Electronics

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