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[Yaesu] Mods for power level.....

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Subject: [Yaesu] Mods for power level.....
From: "klycotek" <klycotek01@mchsi.com>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 14:20:06 -0500
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Ref request for mods to change power on the Field..... based on what I am 
hearing and my own experiences I would strongly recommend not going in that 
direction.  Two Fields I know of were modified, I don't have the mod so don't 
know what was involved....both burned up the power supply as well as the final.

My Field under heavy high speed CW operation gets very warm and the heat 
sinks/PS area really warm.  Fan going full tilt of course.  

Have a veriety of amps to feed it into once I make some keying mods so he 100 
watts is fine for me.  

After some false starts with bad info in the manual and hen installing caacaded 
250 hz Inrad Filters it is a CW Dxer/Contest 

My one real complaint (there is no perfect rig is there?) is the very inferior 
Collins 500 cycle filter....hz I should say.  I sold and serviced Collins 
equpment for thirty years and then collected it and still do.  Even in the very 
first filters for the 75A3 and the retro fit kit for the 75A2 they were sharp 
skirted.  These are braod as a barn. I moved mine over to the subreeiver and 
may sell it and put an Inrad in there.....

Other than that I think the folks did a great design job.  My humble holiday 
opinion.  Hi!


Frank Gilmore K0JPJ  ex-W5PVX
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