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[Yaesu] The Classic Silver 400/401 Series Yaesu Equipment of the1960's

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Subject: [Yaesu] The Classic Silver 400/401 Series Yaesu Equipment of the1960's
From: "Michael Charteris" <empire1963@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 08:04:22 +1000
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Hi There,
Mike, VK4QS here. I have just joined the group, though for a while I have been reading the postings. I am a devotee of the Yaesu FLDX400 TX//FRDX400 RX, as well as the FT400/401 series that came out in the late 1960's early 1970's, and the above sets are what make up my station here in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

Having said that, I did a search of the Postings for the Yaesu 400/401 series and there was only 3 postings from memory. I noticed that Harry Leeming G3LLL is a member of the group, and I would just like to say harry I have read and have a copy of your excellent article on the FT401,
"A Fresh Lookat the FT401". I would be very interested to know Harry, if you ever serviced or had anything to do with the FRDX400 and the FLDX400 Twins, and if so, would you say that they had much in common with the Collins "S-LINE of the time, seeing that the Yeasu Twins had Mechaincal Filters. I had heard a rumour that Yaesu actually tried very hard to follow and copy Collins in there early sets like the FR/FLDX400 Twins, though i am not sure of any truth about that. Perhaps you might be able to put paid to that rumour Harry.

I am curious as to how many of the other member of the group actually have and use or have had inthe past the FRDX400/FLDX400 Twins. It would be good to hear from you as there are a many of them out there under benches doing nothing I reckon. I have owned many Yaesu's in the past, from the FT200 to the FT401B, but never an FT101E series. My mainstay Rig in the shack is the Yaesu FT980, circa 1984 or so, and it goes like a treat, often receiving excellent reports for the transmitted signal and Audio. I wonder how many have FT980 in the group also.

Anyway friends I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your postings if perhaps they apply to your station. I really enjoy the Classic Yaesu's of the 1960's, and perhaps you do too.
All the best for now
Cheers Mike VK4QS

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