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[Yaesu] display offset

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Subject: [Yaesu] display offset
From: "Rob K6RB" <k6rb@baymoon.com>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 15:34:38 -0800
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I have two FT-1000s - a D and a non-D. They are set up for SO2R. The D 
version's display agrees with an RF-sensing frequency counter and goes right to 
spotted frequencies with little or no "tweaking." The non-D rig appears to have 
a fixed offset of about 500 Hz. That is, when the display reads 7.002.50, it is 
actually transmitting and receiving on 7.003.00. This is true for every band, 
every mode. If I use spotting for this radio, I end up about 500 Hz off the 
spotted frequency. Not good! On WWV, when both radios are zero beat with the 
signal, the D reads 10,000,00 and the non-D reads 9999.45. I have replaced the 
master oscillator, and adjusted the new one dead on frequency, so it isn't the 
TCXO. I have both rigs set up identically, so it isn't some CW offset issue. It 
just seems as if the display has a fixed offset. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks 
in advance.

Rob K6RB
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