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[Yaesu] Two Endorcements

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Subject: [Yaesu] Two Endorcements
From: "ARS NZ3O (Byron) FM29fx" <NZ3O@ARRL.NET>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:16:17 -0500
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I always seem to end-up on this reflector for advice,
and I thought I would "pay back" some of the help
I've received since I joined this some years ago.

Recently, my FT-1000MP degraded in receive performance
significantly.  I shopped the Internet for my repair options
and found numerous references on eHam.Net, including
one to Electronic Equipment Service in Tennessee.  It is
run by Byron Campbell, a ham, and specializes in HF gear.

Byron realigned the radio and replaced a failed component
that caused the receive sensitivity to decline to .40 uv.  I was
giving people a 5x3 report and they were telling me I was
5x9 plus.  So, that was explained.  After Byron repaired the
rig and completed the alignment, the receive sensitivity was
0.17 uv, not bad for a radio that I can afford!

While Byron had the case open, I had him pop in the INRAD
Roofing Filter.  I know the mod is easy, since I had put in the
70MHz IF amp when I first bought the rig.  But the different in
the radio is overwhelming.  Under the toughest of pileup conditions
I can always pick out a weak, just-off-frequency station and the
effectiveness of the eDSP seems much improved.  This radio
SOUNDS completely different to me now than it ever has, and
I know I'm making contacts that I couldn't hear before- even before
the sensitivity problem.  My DX receiving on 75m is almost shocking,
considering how many W's are now operating casual nets in the
DX window.  I can still move a smidgen off their frequency and locate
and work the weak signal DX and be on my way.  What a joy!

So, I strongly recommend the INRAD Roofing Filter for the Yaesu,
and I can't say enough good things about EES and Byron's service.
I was so pleased with the service that I've now sent my backup rig,
a Kenwood TS-940SAT, to EES for alignment before I put it on eBay.

Anybody need a 70MHz IF amp?

73, Byron

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