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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] 1000mp field
From: "Mike Schatzberg" <cherokeehillfarm@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 22:16:11 -0500
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Hello Chuck:

I have the roofing filter installed in my Mark V (200 watt), and the
difference is amazing.  Lower whiskering from adjacent strong signals, less
intermod, and a much lower noise floor.

There are plenty of the old Inrad front end mods for sale, as more and more
Mark V users swap out the old first IF amp mod, and replace it with the
roofing filter mod.

I have found that there is sufficient additional gain on the roofing board,
from the two stage low noise amplifier, to lower the radio IF gain setting
by two numbers in menu 9-1.  This means that this mod does more or less the
same noise reduction that the old IF mod does, due to the increased gain
used to offset the filter's insertion losses.

It further reduces noise by narrowing the  1st IF bandwidth, and admits less

If you also make the NB mod on the IF board, the radio certain achieves
world class status with superb dynamic range.

You won't be sorry if you add the roofing filter, particularly if you have a
large antenna array, or if you are a contest operator.

Enjoy your new radio, it is a wonderful value, and one of the very best in
its class.


Mike Schatzberg

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> Wow.
> Just got mine, & just worlds better than the D's I have used! ( Ok, flame
> Is anyone using the INRAD roofing filter? Or the INRAD front end mod? If
> are they worth it?
> 73-Chuck KI9A
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