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RE: [Yaesu] Emergency power for FT-1000MP Mark V ?

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Subject: RE: [Yaesu] Emergency power for FT-1000MP Mark V ?
From: "Chuck (Jack) Hawley" <c-hawley@uiuc.edu>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 19:11:33 -0600
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Actually what you need is a battery voltage source which is higher than the
required voltage and an regulator. This is often done with a dc to dc
converter...something which runs on say 10 to 14 vdc and puts out the
necessary supply voltages. I suppose you could (in this case) just buy a dc
to ac line voltage converter...like the one you use in your SUV to run the
charger for the laptop, etc.
Chuck, KE9UW

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> Subject: [Yaesu] Emergency power for FT-1000MP Mark V ?
> Hello All:
> I have a slow W/E and was playing around with some nifty items I got for
> Christmas for battery backup in the shack, and I was wondering if anybody
> has put together an emergency power plan for a Mark V. As those
> on this list
> know, the Mark V 'requires' the FP-29 which provides both 30V and
> 13.8V. I'm
> wondering if 2 large gel cells could be used both in series and
> parallel to
> provide 13.8V and 27.6V, if the transmitter was run at < 100
> watts.  I'm not
> sure if it would draw 30 amps or not at this level. Batteries
> wouldn't last
> very long, I wouldn't think, if it does draw at this level.
> Presently, I'm working on a battery switch-over scheme with the PWR-gate
> from West Mountain with my FT-847 and other ancillary equipment. I'm
> considering a larger UPS for the computer as well as for the satellite
> router/modem.
> 73, Jamie

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