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Re: [Yaesu] Mark V Sub-Receiver Problem

To: "Patrick W7TMT" <patrick@dayshaw.net>, <yaesu@contesting.com>
Subject: Re: [Yaesu] Mark V Sub-Receiver Problem
From: wa9mxq@att.net
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 21:04:18 +0000
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In the menu settings for the FT-1000MP and the Mark V radios, there is a way to 
disable the Sub-Receiver. If you were working through the menu list you may 
have inadvertently shut down that part of the radio. Check menu item 7-8 (on 
the 200 watt Mark V).


-Bill, WA9MXQ

-------------- Original message from "Patrick W7TMT" <patrick@dayshaw.net>: 

> Just picked up a new FT-1000MP Mark V Field and before I take it back to the 
> dealer I thought I'd see if the knowledgeable folks on the list had any 
> suggestions for this problem. 
> Brand new out-of-the-box radio. No extra filters added yet (I have an order 
> in the pipe-line to InRad). When I first turned the radio on the 
> sub-receiver appeared to work as expected. After about a half hour of 
> reading through the manual and looking at the various settings etc. and 
> tuning around the bands checking out the receive functions the sub-receiver 
> suddenly quit working. Never even put the radio into the transmit mode I was 
> just listening to the receiver and trying out the various EDSP and filter 
> settings. Audio is there and lots of background noise, in fact much more 
> than in the main receiver, but no signals are received. Since then I have 
> verified that VFO can be used to control the transmit freq. but the receiver 
> is gone. I have already done a total CPU reset per the manual (twice) to no 
> avail. Any ideas other than me boxing it up and taking it back. Fortunately 
> the store is within driving distance (if you consider a couple of hours 
> "within driving distance"). 
> Thanks for your assistance. 
> 73, 
> Patrick 
> W7TMT 
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