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From: Etrrnc@aol.com
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 03:42:30 EST
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I purchased a Yaesu FT-857D transceiver about a month ago and am highly  
disappointed with it. I would like to describe my problems and see if anyone 
had the same experiences. If someone does have and have  resolved  the 
problems  I  would appreciate knowing what was  done. My basis of comparison is 
Yaesu FT-747 which I have had for a long  time and was previously using as a 
mobile rig in my Saturn automobile.  It did not have the problems I am about to 
describe when the NB was turned on.  By the way, the FT-857D has the SSB filter 
mod. The preamplifier in the FT-857  is turned off and the unit so far has 
only been used on 20 and  40 meters.  
    Problem 1: Significant degradation of a  desired signal by an S8 or above 
signal 3 to 3.5  
                      Khz above or below the desired signal. 
    Problem 2: The Noise Blanker in the  FT-747 removes all the ignition 
noise. With the FT-   
                      857 Noise Blanker set at maximum ( or any lower level) 
the  ignition noise level
                      is unacceptable and during acceleration an S6 level 
signal is masked by  the 
                      noise. As stated this does not occur at all with the 
I plan to present my complaints to Yaesu but before I do I  would like  to 
know if anyone has discussed these problems with Yaesu and what was the  
results. I would really appreciate hearing from someone.
Thanks, Cecil Easley KC6L
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