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Re: [Yaesu] The law of diminishing returns

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] The law of diminishing returns
From: "Bob Harrison" <g4ujs@qsl.net>
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Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 09:36:56 +0100
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I understand where you are coming from and a new rig wouldn't make a step 
change in performance for you.

However spend the 800 on getting a bigger antenna as high as possible and 
you will not see a diminishing return!!

Regards 73

de Bob G4UJS

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Subject: [Yaesu] The law of diminishing returns

> Here is a question I have about station design, but
> first let me set up the situation:
> Current setup-I recently picked up a rig in good
> condition that does a pretty good job for me.  It
> covers HF and 6 meters (my favorite band) and knocks
> the noise out at my QTH as good as any rig I have
> seen.  It is not considered a contesting rig or big
> gun DX rig, but I do like it and it does all the
> bands/modes that I am currently interested in.
> I won't list the brand or model to avoid biasing
> responses from people who love or don't like that
> brand or model.
> Current operating-DXing, casual contesting, and some
> ragchewing, plus hunting grid squares on 6m.  I have a
> full time job, and a fairly young family with a 3 1/2
> year old daughter. Just can't get alot of time in
> front of the rig, especially for hard core contesting.
> Plus I have a fairly simple antenna system (2 element
> mini quad) but have worked 310 countries, and did 850
> QSOs a few years ago in the 10 meter contest for my
> best contest effort ever (pre daughter days).
> Now here is my question.  Given that I am a fairly
> limited budget, when do I hit the point of diminishing
> returns.  By that I mean, when does spending extra
> money to upgrade to another radio not pay for itself
> in the extra performance you buy.  Would spending an
> extra $800 to upgrade to a 756PRO or FT1000MP really
> be worth it?  Given my operating style, would I be
> getting my money's worth out of that extra money?
> That would be pushing things a bit financially, but it
> wouldn't make up homeless or starving, or anything
> like.
> I am sure that others have similiar situations and
> similar questions.  So when do you hit the point where
> the extra money isn't worth the extra performance?
> 73s John
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