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[Yaesu] Rig Control FT-990 Ver 1.3

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Subject: [Yaesu] Rig Control FT-990 Ver 1.3
From: "Frank Davis" <fdavis@nfld.net>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 17:16:11 -0000
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I am trying to establish rig control for a newly acquired FT-990.  Purchased a 
G4ZLP interface cable  and plugged it into a COM 1 serial port.
I can type a freq in the command line of N1MM and make the FT-990 change freq 
but the software will not read the rig freq or mode  when 
tuning................in otherwords it looks like I can send to the rig a 
command  but it is not sending back it's freq or mode info.  Tuning does not 
result in updating.

Have setup the COM 1 serial port for 4800, 8, N , 2 ,  RTS/DTR Always On.   On 
my  FT1000MP I am using a microKeyer  which has established a bunch of virtual 
serial ports starting at COM 3.  My desk top has two regular serial ports COM 1 
 and COM 2.

The FT-990 has Version 1.3 firmware  and I have done hard reset of the rig by 
following the instructions in the manual.

Anyone have any clues as to where to look??

 Frank VO1HP
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