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Re: [Yaesu] VX-170 Squelch modes

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Subject: Re: [Yaesu] VX-170 Squelch modes
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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 14:27:39 EDT
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The operating manual is available for download here: 
Note especially page 13 for a description of the RF squelch, the CTCSS  
squelch, and the DCS squelch modes.
Operational differences are:
RF squelch:  Typical carrier squelch to keep from having to listen to  
speaker noise when no signal is present.  Set it just above the level where  
hear noise.
CTCSS squelch:  Great for crowded areas.  Squelch opens only when  a specific 
CTCSS tone is heard.  It's a binary thing:  On or  off.
DCS squelch:  Same as CTCSS, but uses a digital coding scheme rather  than 
the sub-audible (sort of) tone CTCSS uses.
Bernie K5XS
In a message dated 3/21/2007 1:16:15 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
k3hx@juno.com writes:

Just  picked up a new VX-170 and noted 2 different kinds of "Squelch."

I'd be  grateful to know the operational differences and typical

settings for  each.

Be Well,


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