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[Antennaware] My Sad History from FL2100

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Subject: [Antennaware] My Sad History from FL2100
From: "Eduardo Somoano" <co8ly@frcscu.ciges.inf.cu>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:41:32 -0400
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Dear friends Ham

I will count you a small history about some changes that I made to my
Lineal FL2100.

Some months ago I received from a friend HAM (regrettably it erases
the message and now I don't remember the e-mail, only save the
diagram) the diagram of as converting in the FL2100 the band of 10 meters
in 6 meters, for my that is very interesting because I only have
outpower 10 watt in 6 meters.

I began to make the simple changes to achieve that the lineal one to work
in 6 meters, The result at first sight was good, I entered with 10 watt
and the lineal one almost gave 80 watt, I was happy.

But I didn't realize that little by little the resistances R6 and R9 of
anti-parasite were been on heating until one day that burned and they

Very concerned and sad, several friends that I wrote them am from that
they have told me that makes some changes and up to now all the changes

I have made they have not given any result.

Here I explain to you the changes that I made looking for a solution.

When the resistances of 22ohm, burned I look for two same and I could not
them in any place, at the end they gave me two resistances similar of coal
47ohm, I put them to him and it also continued equally, I didn't follow it
using for not burning the resistance.

It also changes them the reel or crash that go in parallel with the
resistance and I put them a tape of copper of short size in form of U and
valves 572b became red to the 5 seconds of being transmitting, another test
that hise was to remove the resistances and to leave alone the reel
antiparasito and they become also red the 572B.

Now I don't have idea of as solving the problem.

I wanted you to help me, many people told me that wrote you that your
you have experience in those problems.

In HF bands works without problems.

I wait with a lot of interest your answer.

Thank you in advance.

73.- Eduardo. CO8LY

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